Flow Meter

Manas has now introduced a new type of primary flow sensor & smart flow transmitter in their electromagnetic flow-meter series. This sensor works on the Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. The meter is true volume measuring meter. The measurement is independent of viscosity, density, dissolved / undisclosed solids, pressure or temperature of the flowing liquid as long as it maintains certain minimum conductivity. Various
types of liner & electrode materials are available as per application requirements. The new sensors are more compact in size & more sensitive. Earth ring or earth electrode, both option are available. Empty tube detection is also provided


  • Wide range of sizing DN 25 to DN 350 (Higher sizes are available but model is Mega-Sroat )
  • Manufactured in conformity with quality system¬† ISO 9001:2000
  • Factory calibrated on accurate test rigs as per ISO 4185
  • New Feature : Empty tube detector electrode
  • Option of earth electrode or earth ring is available.
  • End Connection:- Flange type available in various standards viz .ANSI, DIN, BS etc.
  • Various types of liners viz. Hard Rubber, Soft Rubber, Neoprene, PTFE , PFA.
  • Typical Ingress Protection, IP68 for flow sensor & IP65 for transmitter.
  • Time tested pulse D.C. Technique for flow Measurement
  • ¬†Isolated comm. Port, digital & analog outputs.


Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction states that, emf is generated across a conductor moving in a magnetic field. This emf is directly proportional to the flux density, velocity of conductor & length of the conductor. This principle is used for flow measurement through electromagnetic flow meter. The flowing liquid itself is a conductor & its average velocity
is the velocity of conductor.

E = B.V.D.

E = Induced emf proportional to velocity.
B = Magnetic flux Density
V = Average velocity of the media
D= Distance between two electrodes or
Practically the diameter of the flow sensor
The flux density & diameter of the flow sensor are
fixed for a given combination of the flow meter.
The emf becomes proportional to average velocity
only & in turn the volumetric flow rate.


  • Sewage Treatment : Waste water measurement, Sludge measurement etc.
  • Effluent Treatment :¬† Untreated as well as treated effluent measurement
  • Industrial Utility Management : Measuring water consumed by each plant Water audit.
  • Water Supply Schemes : Raw water as well as treated water measurement.
  • Sugar Industries & Distilleries : Measurement of imbibitions water, raw juice etc. Measurement of Spent wash, Fermented wash molasses etc
  • Automobile Industries : Flow measurement of coolant, for radiator efficiency.
  • Chemical Industries : Measurement of acidic, alkaline chemicals, slurries with & without dissolved solids.
  • Food & Beverages : Special end connection like sms union, triclover clamp, fully SS body, PTFE or PFA liner available.
  • Boiler Feed Water Measurement.