Transformer Testing Panel

Wide range of different types of test to be performed on Transformer, accurate and stable readings, easy of operation, warns about critical High Voltage output. We are known to manufacturer of test sets which are easy to use and operate.


  • DVDF > Dobule voltage, Double Frequency Test
  • Generator specification
  • Input 0 to 415 Variable Input, 50 Hz, Output 100 to 1000 V, 100 / 125 Hz.
  • Driver Specification
  • Input 415 V, As per requirement.
  • Three Phase Variable Auto transformer
  • Input 415, Output 0 to 470 Variable. Motor driven, Oil cooled. Current capacity as per maximum kVA Reating of the transformer under test.
  • High Voltage Test set (H.V. Tester)
  • High Voltage test up to 60 kV provided to test with insulation between live part and earth or between two different sections of live parts. This insulation is required to be tested at high voltage values recommended by applicable standards. While active it will provide warning siren, HV is directly controlled by panel. High Voltage kits are useful for testing the high voltage withstanding capacity of an electrical installation.
  • Low Voltage Test Set (L.V. Tester)
    • Controller based control circuit, digital readout, automatic OR Manual operation for fault finding.
  • Turns Ration meter
    • Analog OR digital Turns Ratio meter for detacting actual turns Ratio The transformer turns-ratio is determined by precisely measuring the voltages across the unloaded transformer windings.